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Plastic Pallet Boxes Rigid and Foldable

Rigid Plastic Pallet Boxes, Folding Plastic Pallet Boxes & FIBC Big Bag Container

Only the Best from Dynawest!

Plastic Pallet Boxes provide a strong reusable bulk container for industrial and retail use in the transport and storage of products including; waste management, recycling, food, pharmaceutical, components.

The resilience of Plastic Pallet Boxes offer a protective container reducing packaging needs and the reuse capabilities make pallet boxes a cost effective solution compared to disposable wooden or corrugated containers.

As well as rigid fixed walled pallet boxes, a range of folding (collapsible) plastic pallet boxes offer the additional benefit of space saving when storing and transporting empty containers. Some models of folding pallet boxes also have a foldable side access door which aids packing and unpacking.

A range of sizes are available, there are also options of vented walls and various configurations to the base runners or feet depending on the model.

FIBC Big Bag Container A NEW unique product.

The Big Bag Container is a uniquely designed product to facilitate the support, storage and transport of FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers).

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Dyna Plastic Folding Box Special Offer!
Dyna Plastic Folding Box

This Plastic Folding Box is a simple, neat folded space saver

Special Offer available!

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Big Bag Container New!
A single unit in use with a FIBC bulk bag in place

A Unique Plastic Pallet System for storage
and transport of FIBC Big Bags

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Dynawest

Collapsible Pallet Boxes New!
800 x 600 Plastic Pallet Boxes

Collapsible, can be folded/unfolded
with one simple movement.